Rutgers University: A Great Place for Veterans to Earn Their Degree

Since the implementation of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, Rutgers University has been committed to bringing veterans into one of
their many campuses to earn a college degree. Rutgers offers its students the opportunity to earn a degree in almost any
field, providing an Ivy League education at a state-college price. The school is proud to offer its students degree
opportunities in departments that consistently rank among the best in the nation, including engineering, mathematics,
physics, and history. In addition, with three campuses in the state of New Jersey, conveniently located in New Brunswick,
Newark, and Camden, Rutgers is a great place to go to school no matter where you live.

Rutgers has made it a priority to ensure that veterans attending the school have every advantage they need to succeed,
providing former military personnel with an Office of Veterans Services to help them with any problems they may have. With
a staff of veterans with a combined 80 years of military experience, the Rutgers Office of Veterans Services works with each
veteran individually, assisting with their housing and benefit needs, as well as connecting them to tutoring sessions and
providing links to every department on campus. Rutgers also has a student body and administration that is committed to
offering our former men and women in uniform every opportunity they need to earn their degree. The school features
Student Veteran Organizations on all three campuses, connecting veterans with other veterans as they share the
experience of attending college.
For more information on what a Rutgers education can do for you, visit them on the web at, or call
(848)932-VETS (8387).
New Brunswick, Newark, Camden, NJ

Student Body:                                                         58,200

Student Veterans:                                                    1,326*

Majors Offered:                                                          200+

Minors Offered:                                                          200+

Continuing Education and Certification Programs:     100+

Student Vet Orgs                                      3 (1 per campus)

Veterans Lounge                                      3 (1 per campus)

*Veterans using some sort of VA/Military Education Benefits 1,020. VA officials
suggests an additional 30% may be on campus but not using any benefits